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EDT, a company built on strong values

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The founding story of EDT

When I established EDT in December 1989 I had in mind the values of two companies, TELEMECANIQUE and HEWLETT PACKARD, which marked my professional career: quality, loyalty and commitment to both the clients and employees and above all, innovation.

During the past 30 years, EDT remained a start-up specialising in EDI and electronic invoice dematerialisation. We were able to build solid relations of trust with more than 500 clients, many of which are very large groups, but we were also supported by exceptional partners, such as IBM and Opentext.

We developed our solutions and business model over the course of time to satisfy our clients wanting in-house or SaaS mode solutions. The quality and image of EDT are now acknowledged within our vast ecosystem.

Over the past two years we started a development phase at international level with the incorporation of subsidiary companies in the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka, followed by a strong marketing campaign to enhance our market visibility. We are now putting together a new road map of new, highly innovative products.

The future of EDT looks bright for the coming years and without the remarkable contributions from our employees, this great story would never have taken place.”

Jean-Jacques HIRSCH

Founder, EDT

  • 30

    years of expertise

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    customer satisfaction

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Commitment. Expertise. Ethics. Mutual support

Our company culture is based on values we hold most dear. They guide our colleagues worldwide in their daily tasks so that together, we can build the solutions for tomorrow. In complying with these values, we progress together and create a solid team.

Our international affiliates

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    345, rue Lavoisier
    38330 Montonnot Saint Martin, France

    Tel : +33 4 76 41 19 19

    email : info@edt.fr

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    United Kingdom

    EDT SaaS Ltd

    20-22 Wenlock Road, Hoxton, London,
    N1 7GU, United Kingdom

    Phone : 0203 930 8999

    email : info@edtsaas.co.uk


EDT joins Weexa Group


EDT is proud to join the Weexa group and continue its growth in the B2B digitalisation market. By acquiring EDT, the Weexa group will have more than 150 employees, hosting infrastructures and a 24/365 support team dedicated to enhance the efficiency and delivery of EDI and e-invoice applications.


EDT becomes a major player in media & advertising


Group m, Havas, Bolloré média régie, Marie Claire and TF1 selected EDT solutions to digitalise the exchange of business data with their partners.


Creation of EDT Sri Lanka


Created to ensure the development of mappings and the support of our entities in France and England, this subsidiary will gradually develop in the future to serve the local market in Sri Lanka and the Asian market.


Creation of EDT UK


Creation of the subsidiary in England to strengthen the partnership with the KINGFISHER group and take advantage of IBM’s desire to have a competent partner in the UK market.




B&Q, a subsidiary of KINGFISHER, selects EDT.


IBM partnership


IBM selected EDT as its exclusive partner in France for the resale and support of the product suite resulting from the Sterling Commerce acquisition.


Creation of BCP™


CASTORAMA’s switchover to a new platform – operated and hosted by EDT – to ensure EDI flows for all their entities in Europe is leading to the development of our Business Control Panel (BCP™) range. This new range of software allows the remote deployment of business flows by CASTORAMA’s EDI teams. This approach makes it possible to deploy 4 times more suppliers with half the number of people, in 24/7/365 and without any request for intervention from EDT support teams.


INOVIS partnership


The US software company INOVIS, no.3 worldwide, has selected us to be the exclusive partner for the French-speaking countries and to provide services on the installed base of their software (AS400, Unix, Windows) and also resell their Inovisworks Value-Added Network.




DANONE selected EDT to develop a solution for the tax digitalisation of customer invoices. Thanks to our experience in this type of application (certification by the DGI in 1996), we released the first version of our EIMA™ software, with the following countries covered: the Czech Republic, Spain and France. This same year, EIMA™ received GS1 France certification.




Two PHILIPS entities selected EDT solutions, the Lighting division which had a customer EDI project with nearly 1,000 mappings, and the Telecom division which asked us to build a shared ASP service, the ancestor of our current SaaS services.


EDT is founded


to offer EDI services at a time when major customers (Large Retail, Automotive and Transport) have gone from a pilot phase to a major phase of deployments and volume increases.

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