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10 May 2019

Datacenter vs Green Datacenter

What is the difference between a datacenter and a green datacenter? EDT is proud to work in partnership with EOLAS, Business & Decision group, utilising the state-of-the-art Green Datacenter facility in Mangin (Grenoble, France). Together we have created a useful infographic highlighting the essential information to know.


A green datacenter is a datacenter that uses technologies that optimise energy consumption. It incorporates the latest generation systems and relies on newer, more efficient technologies.

  • Electricity consumption

    Datacenter: as much electricity as a city of 30,000 inhabitants

    Green datacenter: mostly green energy

  • Average PUE (data: 2014)

    Datacenter: 1,7 – 2

    Green datacenter: 1,3

  • Cooling

    Datacenter: represents 40% of the electricity bill

    Green datacenter: significantly lower percentage, by exploitation of the natural environment

Key objectives for a green datacenter

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    Optimise the energy efficiency of the infrastructure

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    Maximise renewable energy use

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    Optimise hardware resources through virtualisation

Green technologies

Technologies and indicators

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    Free air cooling

    Use of low temperature from outside air to cool the system

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    Liquid cooling

    System cooling by convection or movement of a liquid in a circuit (water, oil)

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    Heat recovery

    Heating of houses, offices, swimming pools

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    Load shedding

    Storage of relayed electricity when the power supply is switched off

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    Autonomous and green energy production

    Use of photovoltaic solar panels or wind turbines to produce part of the electricity needed to run the data centre

Examples of green and innovative datacenter

Unusual: Stavanger

Located in a former NATO bunker under 200m of rock in Norway. Close to the North Sea, the cooling of the computer rooms is optimal.

Innovative: Mangin datacenter

Built in the heart of a former industrial wasteland in Grenoble, it uses a water table on which it is located to carry out the heat exchange of its servers.

Green: Iron Mountain

The company uses the Ringer Hill wind farm and solar panels to power its data centres, located in three different states.

Key energy and environmental efficiency indicators

  • PUE: Power Usage Effectiveness

    Measures the efficiency of the energy used to power the data centre
    Ideal = 1

  • ERE: Energy Reuse Effectiveness

    Measures the level of reuse of heat generated by the data centre
    Ideal = 1

  • CUE: Carbon Usage Effectiveness

    Measures the carbon footprint of the data centre in relation to its overall power consumption
    Ideal = 0

  • WUE: Water Usage Effectiveness

    Measures the amount of city water consumed per year to cool the data centre systems
    Ideal = 0

  • GEC: Green Energy Coefficent

    Measures the proportion of renewable energy consumed in relation to the total energy used
    Ideal = 1

  • DCEM : Data Center Efficiency Management

    Measures energy efficiency according to 4 criteria: energy consumption, share of renewable energy used, share of energy reused for other purposes, energy efficiency
    Ideal = A


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    Reduction of CO2 emissions
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    Potential energy savings through airflow optimisation
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    Estimated ROI of cooling systems
The technologies of Mangin green datacenter

The Eolas Green Datacenter

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    Latest generation equipment
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    Free water cooling

    Groundwater cooling

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    100% green energy

    Powered by GEG Group hydroelectric and wind power plants. Energy production through photovoltaic solar panels on the roof and facade

Key indicators

PUE: 1,33


WUE: 0


CUE <0


Availability: 100%

Go Green, Go EDT

Sustainable and futureproofed data exchanges
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