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Expanding digital horizons
EDT has been helping clients with the digitalisation of data exchanges for over 30 years, maximising inclusivity within digital ecosystems with trusted supply chain expertise and digital innovation.

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Managing data on behalf of over 500+ clients

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Inception to Delivery

Professional Services and Solutions to accelerate the digital transformation of supply chain networks. From project planning to implementation and beyond. Supported by a range of specialist consultancy and accredited, customised solution capabilities, providing the foundations for futureproofed supply chain data connectivity and management.

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    We help blueprint future and audit existing trading models to maximise digitalisation across supply chain communication networks
    Audit data exchanges
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    We provide a versatile range of accredited solutions moulded by 30+ years of expertise and built on best-in-class (IBM & Opentext) and in-house technologies, enabling businesses to communicate in compliance from any source to any target
    Implement solutions
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    Global Support & TPAM

    We can support any business in any location 24/7 with offices and resources all over the globe, we can provide “Follow the Sun” support to ensure digital supply chain networks get the help they need, when they need it
    Exchange in confidence

Our trusted & proven value-added services & solutions

  • Project Management, EDI, e-invoice & PEPPOL, B2B, B2C, B2G, WMS, TMS, SAP B2B, System audit


Understanding and solving supply chain challenges is our expertise

Our data exchange solutions are flexible to adapt to your specific requirement, whatever your business operation
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    Enable the versatility and reliability required in today’s omnichannel supply chain through a single connection, linking to any and all trading partners and authorities, managing multi-product procurement, high transaction volumes and uncertain demand for order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, accounts receivable (AR), accounts payable (AP), and more.
    Automate workflows
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    Consolidate and maximise digitalisation across trading ecosystems frictionlessly, increasing efficiency, flexibility and connectivity to new channels. With various onboarding methods available, alongside catered B2B, B2G and Direct to Consumer trading models, enable all customers, suppliers, authorities and trading partners to communicate digitally and in compliance.
    Accelerate data exchanges
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    Maximise connectivity and scalability across supply chain networks by enabling the digital agility required to onboard any organisation to trading ecosystems, responding to any requirement seamlessly, keeping operational performance at its peak.
    Digitalise supply chain
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    Optimise Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable operations, by enabling connectivity to any procurement application & advertising purchase management system, with standardised electronic exchanges built upon a transparent and scalable solution.
    Optimise operations

Services & Solutions


EDT is able to provide B2B, B2G, DSV and EDI consultancy, project management and Global Support. Ensuring regulatory and industry compliance no matter the geographical location, transferring data as required, from source to target.
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EDT’s solution portfolio is based upon both, best-in-class (IBM & Opentext) and in-house technology platforms, helping to manage internal and external data flows and facilitated via a range of flexible options: web based or integrated directly with back office systems.
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Our customers are satisfied. There are several reasons for this.

We could simply tell you that we have 99,99% customer satisfaction. But instead of just a number, we decided to tell you why our customers are so satisfied with us.

Our passionate staff with extensive EDI experience cultivate the spirit of customer commitment, quality and innovation. So we build customised solutions to meet your needs and manage their deployment step by step, ensuring the success of your most complex projects.

Our 24/7 on-call support team is dedicated to providing you with a high quality, personalised service.

In short, our DNA is based on real human relationships. It is for all these aspects that our customers give us a high level of satisfaction.

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    of customer invoices processed automatically and without any error

    The difference with EDT is very noticeable on the management of the implementation and the project.

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    e-procurement management

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    of supplier flows digitised to unify exchange

    EDT's responsiveness and expertise in project support make it a quality partner


    Production service manager

500+ companies in
20+ countries trust our solutions

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