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Dematerialise all your customer and supplier invoices

Go paperless, ensuring your business is sustainable by managing all invoices electronically with your public sector and Governmental clients in your ecosystem

Key features

Key features

  • Easily locate a specific invoice or set of invoices, displaying all important and essential information

Dematerialised invoices catered to your business sector

Our solution can be adapted to your specific invoicing requirements to help all CFOs and Finance Teams meet their businesses challenges

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    Logistics and distribution
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    Food and drink

Simplify your Financial Operations

  • Save Time
  • Eliminate manual processsing
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Escalate order to cash
  • CSR approach
  • Futureproof your business in preparation of the generalisation of electronic invoicing

Send and receive your dematerialised invoices in full compliance

Our EIMA™ tool ensures full compliance with your data exchanges by meeting Tax and Regulatory requirements.



The interoperability of EIMA™ allows you to exchange invoices with your international trading partners and public sector customers.

Discover more features

  • Multi-channel invoice capture and delivery

    Paper, PDF, EDI, Factur-X

  • Business and legal data control
  • Visualise documents

    Plain text PDF

  • Electronic archiving with compliance

    10 years

  • Scalable solution

    Reliable high-volume processing with the capability for scale

  • Electronic signature

    Auditable compliance

  • Invoice status monitoring
  • Agnostic ERP compatibility
  • Mastery of European and international standards

Optimise your accounting processes

Contact our Sales team to benefit from a demonstration of our EIMA™ tool and discover how to improve your procurement and sales process

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