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We take care of your B2B and B2C exchanges

Share, track and view the status of your documents in real time and autonomously manage the onboarding your trading partner connections

Key features

Key features

  • Locate the documents you want to review, including end-to-end status with simplicity and ease

Real time visibility of your supply chain and financial transactions

Our flexible BCP™ tool enables all C+ Level and Senior stakeholders to optimise supply chains and financial processes resulting in streamlined business operations, reduced cost and maximum competitivity

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    Logistics and distribution
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Why you will love our unique tool

  • Status tracking

    Efficiently manage the sending and receiving of purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices, etc.

  • Productivity

    Manage all supply chain and financial processes from a single solution

  • Autonomy

    Take control and accelerate the onboarding of trading partners without any intervention

  • Easier audit trail

    Ensure your tax audit is reliable and fast. Single view of Truth.

Features that meet your needs

  • Replay of EDI files

    Consultation regarding the precise details of all your exchanges

  • EDI web module

    Enable and Onboard any trading partner, even if they do not have any previous EDI capability

  • Document matching and reconciliation

    Match and view the association between your orders, delivery notes and corresponding invoices

  • View in plain text

    Visualise and Display documents in PDF readable format for each transaction exchanged with your ecosystem

  • Management of transcoding tables

    Administration of your EDI translators’ tables without the intervention of our teams

  • Customisable

    Configurable search criteria and document display to suit your businesses needs

Optimise your data exchanges and leave your competition behind

Contact our Sales team to get a demonstration of our BCP™ tool and find out how to improve the visibility, in real time, of your data exchanges

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